Sometimes I write about an experience or pleasant (or unpleasant) discovery. Most of the time I participate on Rational Painting, but will post thoughts here as well.

For instance, when standing in the field with this cow I thought the highlights on the top planes were a low-chroma purple-blue. But when I measured them the were actually the same hue as the rest of her, 10R. The difference was just chroma. Most of her was between 4C and 6C. The top planes were at 1C and it was that relative difference I read as purple-blue.

The other factor that stood out with this cow is that an object usually has a hue curve. What that means is an object has a main local which is the way we identify it. Lemons are yellow, right? No, not through all the values. In warmer lighting lemons are yellow-red until the 8TH value is reached. Even in cool light the lemon is yellow-red in the first five values and doesn’t curve into yellow until the 6TH value, approximately. We still identify the lemon as yellow, but that’s our subjective perception asserting itself, not the colors of the subject in its environment.