I’m passionate about expressing that which is most true and beautiful about a person through my painting.

I was asked recently why anyone would commission an oil portrait. Why not just take a photograph?

The first part of the answer is that although a photographer chooses when to click the shutter, the personal process of making artistic decisions ends there, aside from darkroom tricks and enhancements. A photograph is a recording of a moment, produced by mechanical means.

As a painter, though, I am constantly studying my subject, refining the composition, mixing colors, studying forms, and working on drawing studies. It’s an intense and personal process that results in an intimate abstraction of the subject. Everything that is non-essential is eliminated, and only what is true and beautiful in the subject remains, clarified and there for others to see.

Choosing the best possible painter to create your portrait commission is a very important decision. I am a perfectionist and believe that each painting should be my best yet. I strive to create classical custom oil portrait paintings for official, corporate and private commissions. My work demonstrates a level of craftsmanship and refinement that is unusual among contemporary portrait artists. My goal is to create heirlooms that clients will cherish for generations and which are instilled with the same sensibilities which guided the great classical masters for centuries.

As a professional who has created more than 100 paintings, I take full responsibility for knowing the best materials and techniques required to make portraits that will bring joy and contemplative beauty to my clients. A portrait is an intimate partnership between client, subject and artist, and the importance of clear and direct communication of desired outcome cannot be overestimated. Working directly with my clients is the best way to ensure that their needs and goals are not just met, but exceeded.

Many of my clients are ardent art collectors who choose me for my ability to create museum quality portraits. Since well-crafted oil painting will be a part of your family for hundreds of years, I use only the highest-quality materials and time-tested techniques in my work.

My work is structured around excellent drawing, the ability to mix any color I see, and subtle paint handling. This brings my subjects to life and reveals their true character and beauty. I’ve been painting and drawing for more than 40 years, and have come to believe that beauty is best expressed through truth in form, color, line and the successful abstraction of three dimensionality into two dimensions.

Recently, one of my collectors told me that he chose me to paint his young son because my work describes the meta-nature of my subjects, even a subject as simple as a lemon, through my ability to see and articulate what is true and beautiful in the form and color of the subject itself. That truth comes forward, not through tricks like brushwork or bold colors, but hewing to what I see and perceive.

My personal work is represented by Haynes Gallery, The Marshall Gallery, and Principle Gallery, and professional references are available from them. I am in many collections across the country and have been awarded various prizes in art competitions. If you desire to commemorate and celebrate a beloved member of your family, acknowledge a significant milestone in a career or donate a matchless gift, commission me to create an incredible, one of a kind, ageless immortalization of your loved one.

If you are ready to start exploring the possibilities of commissioning a portrait of a beloved family member or important representative of your institution please contact me now.